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TWITTER WATCH: RENT The Broadway Tour - 'Viva La Vie Boheme in Your Apartment'
一番上のカキコミでは、Providence公演の最終日、11/22(日)の夜、公演終了後、キャストとスタッフのディナーに自分を含めて4人まで参加できるという権利がebayのオークションに出されているという内容と以下のebayへのリンクです。この企画はBroadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS (BC/EFA)への寄付のために行われるものです。
Bway RENT tour Providence RI dinner for 4 with cast
Broadway Cares eBay.com Auction
Bway RENT tour Providence RI dinner for 4 with cast

What are you doing Sunday night, November 22nd? The cast and crew of RENT are going out for dinner in Providence, Rhode Island after they finish their week of shows and would like you and three others to be their guests. A group of foodies and friends, the Sunday "Family Dinners" are a tradition with the company and their favorite way to bid adieu to each stop on the tour. No less than 10 members of the company will be there; a great evening will be had by the lucky winner of this auction. Happy bidding!
Please note: the winner of this auction must send payment to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS no later than 5:45pm EST on Friday, November 20, 2009.


その他、ツアーキャストの食事風景などを紹介しているLa Vie Boh...mmm!!!の京都編のことも書いてありました。浴衣でお布団にはいってはしゃぐ高良結香さんや最後に日本庭園の池の飛び石をぴょんぴょん飛んでいるAndyさんとか、無邪気でかわいかったです。

ツアーは現在Providence Performing Arts Centerにて、11/17(火)~22(日)。そのあとは以下の通りです。

Nov 24, 2009~Nov 29, 2009
 Milwaukee, WI Marcus Center for the Performing Arts
Dec 1, 2009~Dec 6, 2009
 Orlando, FL   Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre
Dec 8, 2009~Dec 13, 2009
 Miami, FL  The Fillmore Miami Beach
Jan 12, 2010~Jan 24, 2010
 Toronto, Canada  The Canon Theatre
Jan 26, 2010~Jan 31, 2010
 Madison, WI  Overture Center
Feb 3, 2010~Feb 7, 2010
 Sacramento, CA   Community Center Theater

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