I'm sorry but I need to get moving. Thanks for all the questions! It's been a while. I'll do it again soon. Take care tweeps!
Hey Tweeps, I have a little time to answer questions. Bring em on and I'll get to as many as I can.
上記の少しあとに誰かが「@albinokid whats up?」とつぶやいたらそれをAnthonyがリツイート。ちょうど質問に答え始めたところでしたからね。
01)I'm closest with Adam, Daphne, and Jesse.
02)I didn't get sick of anyone on the recent tour. We were lucky to have a bunch of amazing and talented people on board.
03)I do indeed have the original Mark sweater and scarf. Both are a little dilapidated.
04)The rights for Rent are publicly available. Lots of theatre companies all over are doing the show.
05)My fave song from Rent is the reprise of I'll Cover You.
06)I won't be able to be in LA when Rent is there. Sad!
07)My favorite Rent character besides Mark is Collins.
08)The only authorized recordings of Adam and me performing in Rent are the official cast recording and movie soundtrack.
09)I don't wish I could go back to when Rent first began, no. Too much amazing stuff has happened in the meantime.
10)My favorite scene in Rent is the Act Two chunk from the funeral through What You Own.
仲良しなのはAdamとDaphneとJesse。オリジナルMarkのセーターとスカーフ(マフラー)を所有(ちょっと痛んでるけど)。RENTで好きな曲はI'll Cover You(reprise)。好きなシーンは第二幕のお葬式からWhat You Ownまでの部分。Mark以外で好きなキャラクタはCollins。
そして06では、LAで行われるHollywood Bowl「RENT」は残念ながら観に行けないとのことでした。
01)One role in a musical I'd love to play is the Emcee in Cabaret.
02)No plans to go back to Broadway, but I hope that I will be there again at some point. Has to be the right show.
03)I loved playing Seymour, especially with my incredible Audrey, Tari Kelly. No recording exists, sadly. That I know of...
04)I imagine it would have been thrilling to be a part of the original production of West Side Story.
05)I saw and LOVED American Idiot. I'm a big Green Day fan and was blown away by the inspired and powerful stage version.
好きな役は「キャバレー」のエムシー、「リトル・ショップ・オブ・ホラーズ」のシーモア(オードリーはTari Kellyで)。
そして、「American Idiot」は観たし、とても好きなんだそうです。もともと「グリーン・デイ」の大ファンだったというから当然ですね。
01)No plans to do a show in NYC in November, but you never know.
02)No immediate plans to visit the UK but I'd love to go again.
03)No plans in the near future to go to LA, but you never know.
04)Adam and I are doing a showcase for presenters in NYC right before our Town Hall gig, and will find out more dates then, I assume.
05)I'm most looking forward to figuring out some fun new duet ideas with Adam for our concerts at Town Hall and elsewhere.
06)What's most immediately next is my production of Without You at the NYMF this fall. nymf.org for more info
07)I don't have immediate plans to come to Cincy, but you never know who will want Adam and me to sing in their town.
08)Otherwise, NYMF tix don't go on sale to the general public until September 1st. We're in a 99-seat theatre, so it might be tough to get in.
NYMFで「without you」を上演することや、Adam Pascalとのコンサートのことなど。そして11月にはNYでのショーの予定はないそうです。(やっぱりだめだったのか~→関連記事
01)My fave part of working on Dazed was how collaborative it was. Great vibe from Rick Linklater and fellow actors.
02)On School Ties I remember the big tribunal scene. Very intense, sad day having to spew out such hateful dialogue for hours.
03)I am in the Natalie Portman film Love & Other Impossible Pursuits. Not sure when it's coming out.
04)How much did I make for Adventures in Babysitting? That's a bit too personal. But it wasn't very much. It was my 1st film.
05)Hadn't seen anything for a while before Despicable Me, which I enjoyed thoroughly.
06)I'd love to work with some great filmmakers like the Coen Bros. and Scorcese. I'd love to work with my brother Adam again.
01のDazedは「バッド・チューニング 」(原題「Dazed and Confused」)のこと。Jonathan Larsonがお気に入りの作品です。02は「青春の輝き」(原題「School Ties」)では裁判所のシーン(?)は吐きそうなくらい嫌だった(私はDVDを持っているのにまだ観ていないのでよくわかりませんが)。04の「ベビーシッターアドベンチャー」(原題「Adventures in Babysitting」)は映画デビュー作で、「RENT」と同じクリス・コロンバス監督作品です。そのギャラを聞く人がいるとは!!
03ではナタリー・ポートマンの「Love and Other Impossible Pursuits」に出ているということですが、アメリカでは2009年に公開され、2010の6月からロシアで公開中?ということで、ロシア版の予告編を発見(英語版はみつからず)。44秒と2分39秒あたりにAnthonyがうつっています。
05では久しぶりに観たのが「Despicable Me」でお気に入りらしいのですが、日本で10月に公開される「怪盗グルーの月泥棒」(日本の公式サイト ←音が出ます)だそうです。3Dアニメ?
01)The one book I believe everyone should read at least once? Tough. Between Anna Karenina and The Grapes of Wrath.
02)I'm something of a bookworm, yes. I go through phases where I read a lot and then don't read much for a while.
03)I have an idea for a novel that's been stewing in my brain for a while. It bubbled to the surface recently. I'll attempt it.
04)A beautiful book by Cy O'Neal, the woman who runs Friends In Deed. Highly recommended. http://tinyurl.com/2884c7p
01必読の書は「アンナ・カレーニナ」と「怒りの葡萄」。02、Anthonyは「本の虫(読書家)」。04は一連のツイートの前に誰かの返信ではなくAnthonyがつぶやいたもの。Cy O'Neal(シンシア・オニール)はライフサポート・ミーティングのモデルになった「Friends In Deed」の主宰。
01)I may do another solo album at some point. Not sure when. Thanks for the kind words about Look Around.
02)I've been listening to a lot of new stuff, really liking Wild Nothing, The Radio Dept, Animal Collective, New Pornographers, etc
03)Playing right now is a very cool, underappreciated English band called Elbow. Too many other bands to mention, so I'll stop there
04)I don't have *a* favorite song to sing. I like singing many songs... Depends on my mood.
Look Around」の次のアルバムも計画中?
01)I don't watch enough tv to vote on the Emmys. Have heard great things about Modern Family.
02)I haven't watched Glee but I plan to. Tough for me to catch up with tv with all my travels.
03)My biggest tv addiction is anything poker or baseball related.
01)If I had my choice of an existing character, it'd be one of the great Shakespeare roles. Hamlet, Iago, etc.
01)I'll come to your school as a speaker if you can work it out with my agent and my schedule. greatertalent.com
02)I've done a lot of teaching over the years and I do love it. I'd be happy to come to Europe to teach at any time. Hook it up!
01)My favorite quote: "There's only one you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself."
02)I love all baseball, but prefer the National League. More strategy involved. Pitchers should hit!
03)John Barrowman is and has always been pretty damn fabulous. Follow him @Team_Barrowman
04)I love to eat at great restaurants, and am spoiled in NYC. One of my faves is Five Points.
05)my favorite bookstore is Shakespeare & Co.
06)Twister was a drag, but I really needed the money at the time, so I was grateful for that. No other regrets.
注目すべきは04のお気に入りのレストラン。Five Points(このリンクであってるかな?)、是非行ってみたいです!私の苦手な、道路が碁盤の目になっていない地域なのが不安ですが。
01)advice to a young actress is to surround yourself with people who support you and help you grow.
02)Where is the celery? That's a damn good question.
03)I have a Facebook account, but I reserve it for people I know or have worked with.
04)My views on gay marriage? Really? I fully support it and think that the US is very behind the times.
05)Argentina gets it right. More and more countries are leaving the US in the dust on the issue of gay marriage. What is up, good ole US of A?
06)I do have the angel necklace, thanks! Hope you're well too.
07)I don't follow hockey, but I was happy that Chicago had another reason to celebrate a championship team. Sad for the Cubs.
08)Not sure that last one counts as a *question*. Ya think?
Anthonyの2時間がかりのつぶやきを記事にするのに3~4時間費やしてしまいました(Without you応援ブログも含め)。手が痛いです。しかも旅行直前なのに。そして作業の優先順位をフィーリングで決める癖は治りません・・・。
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